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All proceeds from this art goes directly to the individuals who created it and their loved ones. Please order your prints or canvasses today to help support these incredibly talented artists and their families. 



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by Mike Germany (former LAW gang O.G.)

There was a time when I put forth a mindset that my worst was the best I had to offer. 
A mindset that let me sell out everyone and everything that I claimed to love or represent. 
A mindset that allowed me to stop saying Yes Sir, or Yes Ma'am to my parents, and led me to stop showing respect to my elders. 
A mindset that disrespects all of the hard work that our predecessors put into achieving a better life in our communities.
A mindset that replaced dinnertime with my family, with weed sessions with my homies. 
A mindset where I enjoyed the high I got from weed and alcohol more than the high I got from hugging my children. 
A mindset that made it cool to HATE, but corny to LOVE. 
A mindset that allowed ppl like me and Ray to participate in the destruction of our communities, instead of helping build them up. 
A mindset that placed the wants of a few over the needs of many. 
A mindset that stopped us from being good ppl, and allowed us to become predators. 
A mindset that turned friends into enemies. 
A mindset that allowed all transgressions to be punishable by death. 
A mindset I helped pass to my younger brothers. 
A mindset that led to five women and a child murdered at a backyard cookout. 
A mindset that led me to wake up with a life sentence in prison. 
Man, what the hell was I thinking? I guess I wasn't thinking. Whatever the case, I was dead wrong. 
I'm sorry to Wilkinsburg and those Eastside communities, I know I let ya'll down. 

From Rahsaan

Bondage, imprisonment & involuntary servitude, has always been a violation of the human spirit, one's free will or the will to be free. When we look at America's racial past & present, we see police targeting & executing black males. We witness selective & malicious prosecutions, wrongful convictions & unlawful imprisonments. As black people, we witness our past representing our future every day along with history's invaluable lessons. That lesson is that grievous sins of the past is often repeated in the present. In the past KKK types wore white sheets & hoods. Today wear uniforms, suits, ties and black robes. The system of institutionalize racism pre-served then as it does now. There was clear & convincing evidence of torture & cruelty under the old Jim Crow & there is conclusive evidence under the new Jim Crow. These conclusions are bolstered with proof of numerous & awful work product records of law enforcement & the judiciary that are not transparent. Like in the past, blacks are viewed with suspicion & targeted solely due to the color of their skin. To black people, this is nothing new. Black Lives have never mattered under this white dominated and controlled criminal justice & judicial system. Neither is this a new phenomenon that injustice, not justice has overwhelmingly been the guiding principle when it comes to black people. 6-decades ago, this horrific cruelty was called Jim Crow. White leaders & citizens commissioned & condoned all kinds of crimes against black people. Many of us that existed in that time period would not have given a second thought to trusting the criminal justice system, their agents or those working in concert with them. That this system existed go prey upon black people  & evidence that supports that is clear now as it was then. What is new is the exposure of how evil and rotten this system is. Thanks to social media, we are now able to read or see blacks being targeted, wrongfully convicted or murdered by police.


 Stay strong! 


By Eric 15X Collier 

The Time Bar Rule was designed to keep the underclass behind bars serving time

In 1994 President Bill Clinton implemented the This time bar rule to counter terrorism and to regulate strict draconian penalties for minority offenders.  This time bar rule is a instrument of genocide I wasn’t barred from fighting in America’s wars in this country or abroad.  Is a man that steals a apple to satisfy the hunger of the soul equal with a man that blows up an abortion clinic? 

My Very inception was theft by deception in this wicked land of oppression.  My recollection see’s the illegal possessions of my people’s knowledge though barred with Theodosius and Justinian’s edicts causing us heartaches and headaches.

Bar me how?  I was here before the Homerectus, Homospaien and Protoman building bridges and pyramids throughout the land.  I was here before the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Australopithecines era; living a righteous life free of terror.  Bar me How?  Organized crime began in 325 at the Nicea Council, where I was declared humanly unfit with no specifics and here it is I am the father of the Hieroglyghics.  Bar me How?  Because white Theologians said I was hams cursed seed whose skin was divinely black and baked, and that I was the cousin of the snake and the ape whose civilization must forsake.   Bar me how?   Because Fredderick Bloomingbacher, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch and Trent Loft said I had no relevance and should be shot?  Men of the same imperial stock as Alexander the Great who used his sword to solve the Gording Knot.  Bar me how?  I am the first child of the sun who helixes in the darkness way before the earth begun.  You bar me with your clones to deny my bones, you bar me with your drones to deprive me of my home, you bar me with your digital phones keeping my people distracted where I’m left alone.  




This time and age bar rule reminds me of the parole state and federal board rules.  You can’t interact with your family members if they have been in trouble or if they are on parole.  The judicial system is barring loved ones from associating with one another if they have a criminal record.  Their ultimate goal is to fragment and weaken bonds of people of color and muddle their roles.  This judicial time bar rule coincides with the Berlin Conference and the Nicea Council where black people were berated and our country divided up among the European Ravens.  The rules of engagement are centered around conquest and imperialism.


There is no time bar or statute of limitations for apprehending an enemy combatant.  A domestic enemy who is apprehended will be afforded a neutral trial.  If they are convicted they have one year to file an appeal.  However, a common inner-city offender who commits a crime due to economic hardships is treated worse than a terrorist.  Many street criminals are poor and illiterate living in poverty.  But expected to file an appeal in a one yearperiod of conviction.  It takes a law student eight year to learn law.  This paradox revels that the judicial system is a silent weapon in the quiet ware of attrition and imperialism.  The time bar rule was designed to kill American’s political prisoners and roughnecks.  Mumia Abu Jamal was the chief target for killing blacks is their favorite market.

I was convicted of 1st degree murder in 2005 and since then I’ve’ been through a long tedious fight with every court available to me.  I am a Father a Son a Brother A Uncle A nephew A great Uncle and Grandchild. I am not an artist but with a mother as strong as an ox as she is and many many advocates fighting to end death by incarceration.  I felt it as a duty to submit a piece and with the help of my Celly this is what I came up with.  

The flower is abundance of beauty or unity.  I think of many people from all backgrounds coming together in unity for one purpose.  

                                            END DEATH BY INARCERATION.  

The fiery heart with wings is just incandescent and full of spirit.  its limbs are free to fly anywhere, and the heart is only the most essential part of anything or anyone.  The anchor and rope come with many negative things.  The anchor IS used to hold things or to be held in place and the rope can be used for a noose (no more explanation needed).  

The fiery heart to me at one point was me full of life and free.  Now the anchor has a hold of me and I’m sure there are some that would love to see that rope as a noose.  The heart would love nothing more than to get away from the anchor.  T

The roses and butterfly are two of gods beautiful creations.  The rose shines when the sun hits it.  It often has a fragrant and comes in many colors.  You show affection with roses and are free to grow in many places.  


The butterfly with its large colorful wings is an insect that flies mostly in the daytime and has tiny overlapping scales.  I didn’t make the wings colorful because the butterfly is black and white says so many things.  Instead of it being beautiful it reminds me of the walking dead.  

 I am trapped in a place that holds no comfort.  I think of my victims and their families knowing the pain I have inflicted upon them often-too often.  I wonder if my family thinks of me to be a failure.  I am trapped by a place that sucks the life out of you; it controls your thoughts and dreams.  It takes your family and friends away from you.  I am a number or statistic du to my actions.


Written by

James Haddock


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